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When all teachers apply evidence based practices . . .
students achieve more.

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Training options that fit right into your school's PD schedule.

180 Go

The whole system! In 180 Go, your teachers will learn the Prepared Classroom approach so your school will have a unified foundation for management, teaching, and learning.

What's included:

*Held on the first Wednesday (3pm PT) and third Thursday (5PT) of every month

Save $250 versus buying them separately

$199 $399/person • 180 days

5% discount for 10 or more people


Individual Courses

One course at a time! Choose the subject area that your teachers need most right now and start with that. Your school will have a unified foundation for management, teaching, and learning.

What's included:

  • Choose the course(s) you need (approx. 1 hour each)
  • Flexible to fit it into your professional development plan
  • School leader guide
  • 30 days of access

$50 $75/person • 30 days

5% discount for 10 or more people

Give your teachers the tools they need to create self-regulated students who know what is expected of them


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5% discount for groups of 10+ automatically applied

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Learn Prepared Classroom

Give teachers a unified foundation for management, teaching, and learning.


Optimize Teaching and Learning

Achieve more with a schoolwide management system, confident teachers, and self-regulated students.

Why Schoolwide?

Benefit with schoolwide training

  • All teachers are given the same opportunity to provide the highest standard of education for students.
  • Students know what is expected and benefit from a consistent management structure.
  • Students receive authentic practice and focused attention on what they need.
  • Students seamlessly transition between grades when a common language exists.
  • Teachers have more time to instruct small groups and one-on-one.
  • Schoolwide implementation = well managed classrooms, hallways, and lunchrooms.
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I purchased a course, where do I login?

You can access your courses here.

You will be prompted to login so if you need a reminder, you can reset it here.

What happened to Daily 5 and CAFE?

We are so excited for you to see all the ways we’re evolving and you can read all about it here.

Are Teach Daily courses right for me?

Courses at Teach Daily are perfect for:
  • creative, ambitious, and independent thinkers who know their students deserve the best.
  • those who are committed to reflecting on their current practice and taking steps to improve.
  • growth-minded individuals who welcome new strategies because educational best practices are always evolving. When we learn, our students learn.
  • educators who embrace the influence they have on their students and take responsibility for what happens in their classroom or school.
If you meet these qualifications, we're pumped you're allowing us the opportunity to impact your learning journey. You're just the growth-minded educator we're anxious to learn with—your students are very lucky to have you!

What is the school leader guide?

A how-to guide to lead your staff through the training! Receive a course introduction, reflection and discussion questions, and sample schedules to adapt the training to fit your PD time allotment.

I have some specific questions, can I talk to someone on the phone?

Of course! Fill out the request a quote form with information about your school. Tell us you want to set up a phone conversation and we will reach out within 1 business day. Or email us at [email protected] and ask away!

I need training for my school right away, can I get access ASAP?

You will receive access within 1 business day of registration and can start implementing right away.

My school has pre-scheduled days for PD. Can you work with my schedule for training?

You can complete all of the courses at a time and place that fit your needs.

Is this system right for my school?

Yes! The Prepared Classroom system is for anyone that wants a management framework that will allow students the time for authentic literacy, provide teachers the time and tools to differentiate instruction, and is all rooted in brain research. Read more about the system.

Is Prepared Classroom a curriculum?

No. Prepared Classroom is not one more thing to add to your ever growing list of responsibilities. It is the basis for it all. The structure in which everything else lives. Curriculum, management, new initiatives . . . they all fit inside.

Let's do this!

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